Kitchen Hood Vent Guide

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The different types of Kitchen Range Hood Vents are designed around different range or cook top situations such as wall mounted, island ceiling mounted, under cabinet mounted, in cabinet mounted, and counter top pop up.

I have seen people get too big of range hood vent that over powered the room, and got in the way of looking at the cooking. Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to range hood vents. Range hood vents come in the same widths as Ranges and cook tops. Please see the Blog article Hood Vent Problems and Solutions.

Range Hood Ducting residential comes in 6: or 8" Ducting. 6" ducting hoods are usually enough, but if you feel that you need more then get a 8'" hood.  The ducting is supposed to be done in all hard pipe with the least amount of 90's possible to the roof or wall outlet. Range hood duct placement has to be exact, there is no room for error.  Have the range hood picked out and a very accurate cabinet plan drawn on the wall, and poke the 6" or 8" duct out in the appropriate place.

Wall Mounted Range Hood vents like the name are mounted against the wall when the range or cook top is against a wall. Wall mounted range hoods are usually mounted between wall cabinets that have an opening the same width as the range opening.  Wall mounted hoods are made for 8' ceiling height, but have extension kits for vaulted ceilings. Check your specific hood vent specs for where exactly to poke out the electrical.

Ceiling mounted range hood vents are for island or peninsula situations with no wall to hook to. Placement needs to be very accurate side to side and front to back, too far forward and the hood is in your face. Ceiling mounted range hoods need some extra wood in the ceiling where the mounting bracket screws go to support heavy range hoods, make it strong! Check your specific hood vent specs for where exactly to poke out the electrical.

island range hood

Under Cabinet Mounted Range Hood vents are like the name implies mounted under a wall cabinet. This type of range hood can't be very tall, and has to vent through the cabinet above it unless it is a recirculation model.
under cabinet hood

In cabinet sleeve hood vents need to be correlated with the cabinet company. Check your specific hood vent specs for where exactly to poke out the electrical.

Range Hood Vent Manufacturers:
 Broan, Vent A Hood, Zephyr, Nutone, Viking, Air King, Independent, GEFaber, ImperialFujioh, Sirius,  

Max Wall

ABC Kitchen and Bath