How to save money on a kitchen remodel

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Affordable kitchen remodeling ideas on a shoestring budget is very obtainable with a little elbow grease, and some savvy shopping. The key really is how much time do you want to spend putting up cabinets and searching for better prices.

Don't get complicated if your on a tight bank account. Affordability quickly goes out the window if you start rearranging the structural walls, moving the kitchen sink placement, and relocating the range rough wiring. Changing things around also leads to a lot of extra work in sheet rock repairs.

Getting the best price on materials comes down to searching out the best price. The Internet is a great tool for finding low prices. Some of the best prices I have found have been a damaged, or discontinued item in a store that has been marked down. Contractors usually get discounts at some stores, so ask your contractor if you can take advantage of that. Barter with your cabinet dealer like you were buying a car from a car dealer, they cost about the same!

Spending less on Labor really is best done by doing whatever work you can do. Take care of trash removal if that is all you can do. You can save a lot of money by playing general contractor and bidding out only the jobs that you don't want to do yourself. If all the materials were bought by you and are on the job site ready to go then any bids received by contractors are just for labor.

If getting a bid for the whole job then get more than one bid to get an idea of what it should cost. Too high or too low of a bid signals trouble. Be aware of contractors that leave things out, and add them later to keep the bid low. Make sure the bid is separated down into the different activities and how much they individually cost.

The remodeling usually done by the big box stores ends up being sub par because they under pay the contractor, and mark up the bid for themselves for doing nothing. The customer either ends up paying the same, or more, for an under paid short cutting non quality minded contractor.

Saving money kitchen remodeling is just about common sense. Try not to pay full retail for items, and go ahead and get your hands dirty.

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