Kitchen Trends 2012

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Time for an early kitchen design trends for 2012. At least in my business there is a

large increase in job volume in 2012 compared to 2011, pent-up demand no doubt. The information in this article is a combination of personal experience, and the NKBA Kitchen Trends report for 2012.

This year in cabinet style choices there is still a trend towards the darker finishes, and a loss in popularity for the natural finishes. For painted cabinets the top seller has been white as always. I've also seen a shift away from the shaker, and flat panel door styles.

The most popular wood type is Cherry, but along with maple is loosing ground. The up and coming wood types are Walnut, Birch, and Bamboo. Oak is making a small comeback.

Countertops are still strongly trending towards the Quartz products, and away from Granite. According to the NKBA glass back splashes are now the most popular back splash at 52%.

Lighting is strongly trending towards LED away from fluorescent, xenon/halogen, and especially incandescent. There is a coming ban on incandescent light bulbs in 2013. I personally am very impressed with the LED fixtures and recommend them in all fixtures from cabinet lighting, to pendants, and recessed cans.

Kitchen Faucets most common finish is still brushed nickel, but I have seen a small comeback of chrome. Manufacturers say the chrome finish is superior to the bronze, or brushed nickel. The pull out faucets have basically taken over in the functional choice.

The most popular kitchen flooring in my jobs is hardwood, followed by tile.

Saving money is still the highest priority in my clients kitchen remodels, which leads to the lower grades of cabinets, and appliances. The more expensive quartz countertops seem to be the exception.


Max Wall

ABC Kitchen and Bath