Kitchen Color ideas

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Kitchen paint color ideas, and general color palette set the general feel of a kitchen. A warm kitchen with lots of complementary earthy, or light wood tones sets an inviting feel to a kitchen. A cool colored kitchen with greens and lots of stainless steel can give a clean soothing touch to a kitchen.

The Remodel-ee must decide on the feel that they are going for and the colors will follow. Look at lots of pictures for ideas, and visit some well designed kitchens also to get some good ideas.

Color palette sections are analogous, triadic, and complimentary.  Analogous colors are colors close to each other on the color wheel like brown, yellow, and red. Triadic colors are triangular to each other on the color wheel like brown, Purple, and green. Yellow and blue are opposite on the color wheel so are complimentary colors. You can also mix and mash the different sections.

There are some great online paint and color palette choosing tools out there like The Sherwin Williams paint picker, , The Color Wizard,  The Color Explorer, Copaso, The Color Scheme Designer, and the Colorotate.

This picture below is an example of a warm kitchen.

kitchen picture of a warm color palette



This kitchen picture is more on the cool side.

kitchen picture of a cool color palette

This kitchen with the light yellowish green cabinets, white backsplash, and dark green accents falls in the monocromatic, or analogous category. This kitchen could be a complimentary palett if it had some light purpleish blue accents. This kitchen could fall into the triadic palette with some pink ,and aqua blue thrown in, sounds horrible.


This next picture is a very earthy monocromatic kitchen with the slate back splash/floor, and the dark brown shaker cabinets with the earth colored granit countertop.

 Earthy kitchen picture


White cabinets work well with darker colored floors, countertops and a non white color on the walls.

White Cabinets in Kitchen