Best Under Cabinet Lighting

Just what is the best type of light fixture for under cabinet lighting.

Well, if you would have asked me that question before I would have said xenon, but I've changed my mind to LED. Let me explain why. 

The light quality has gotten better, and the cost has come down, there is no heat factor, and the bulbs last a very long time (up to 25 years).  I could just stop this article here and not waste your time, but I'll slog on.

The Xenon under cabinet lights are a little cheaper and possibly slightly more bright, but they get quite hot, and are not nearly as efficient as the LED lights. The xenon bulbs last a long time, but the LED bulbs last close to forever, just in case you live that long. There are available LED's  that are dimmer capable in case you're wondering. Kichler has a new model out that is a direct wire yet dimmable LED under cabinet light.

Under cabinet lighting is a perfect application to use the LED lighting for as opposed to the general lighting that lights up a whole room. There are Led general lighting type  bulbs available but it seems to me they are more suited for smaller directional situations. There is a great article on Led lights at:

Some of you are saying "what about fluorescent lights for under cabinet lighting?".  Even the warm yellow, or what ever they are called  fluorescent lights have an inferior light quality. The good things about fluorescent under cabs is the non spotty bath of light they put out, they are efficient, not hot, and affordable. 

Some of you are saying "what about halogen lights for under cabinet lighting?". Halogen bulbs are made of crystal because glass can't take the amount of heat they put out, I'll stop there.

I guess the end it boils down to your kitchen remodel lighting budget, if your willing to spend a little more get the LED lights for the best under cabinet lighting, but the xenon bulbs are good too.

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Written by Skip Stephenson
The Kitchen Guide Book